Cessna Cardinal 177RG IFR

The Cessna Cardinal is probably the most beautiful single engine from Cessna. Her streamlined shapes, the retractable gear and the absence of the familiar Cessna wing struts give this design a modern and sporty look.

Combined with a powerfull and recently overhauled Lycoming engine that delivers 200 hp, a cruisespeed of 145 knots can be attained with 75% power at 6000 feet.

We seldom see Cardinal owners change to another type of aircraft, which says something about the fullfilment and joy this aircraft brings them. There exists a very active Cardinal Flyer's Club and their website contains lots of interesting information, knowledge and tips.

C177RG from the left side

The Cessna Cardinal was build from 1968 to 1978. In 1971 the 177RG was introduced and became the most beloved model because the retractable gear and powerfull engine gave it the extra speed. In total 4295 177's were build from which 1543 were RG models.

It is not so often that a Cessna Cardinal is being sold and there is always someone who is specifically looking for one. because of this the Cessna Cardinal keeps it value longer than the other Cessna models.

C177RG from the right side

At this moment this aircraft is in a private hangar on an airport in Florida in the Orlando area.

C177RG from the front

The lack of wing support struts (characteristic for all other single engine Cessna's except the 210 models) results in a less resistant profile but also does not obstruct the view and makes the Cardinal a perfect platform for aerial photography. By the way ... it also makes this aircraft nicer to look at, don't you think?

The Cessna 177 also offers much better upwards visibility compared to a 172 because of its steeply raked windshield and more aft-mounted wing.

C177RG from the rear

The Cardinal has a different elevator compared to most other aircraft. The complete stabilizer is used as elevator and therefore it is also called a "stabilator" horizontal tail. You can see the relatively small trim area in the middle.

The cockpit

Cessna Cardinal 177RG cockpit

The instrument panel is large and concise like we are used to from Cessna. Completely equiped for IFR flights.

If you are going to get this aircraft to Europe, then the transponder has to be upgraded to a mode S type. This will cost about € 2.500,-

A complete list of all the avionics is presented in the right bar of this web-page.


comfortable seats

All the chairs are in good condition.


The interiour looks reasonable good. The black sides could use some work.

High performance

The Cessna Cardinal falls in the category "high performance complex single". The retractable gear and "constant speed" propeller give this aircraft a professional look.

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propeller detail

Propeller detail



Build: 1974

Serialnumber: 177RG0612

Lycoming IO-360-A1B6D (200hp)

propeller 3-blade McCauley constant speed

MTOW 1270 kg

Time state:

  • Airframe SNEW: 3000 hours
  • Engine SMOH: 0 hours
    (April 2009)
  • Propeller SPOH: 100 hours
fresh air inlets for your convenience

Fresh air inlets for your convenience (overhead)

Cessna 177RG