1997 Mooney M20M TLS Bravo

leftside view

For sale from proud owner. This aircraft received lots of TLC (Tender Loving Care). I can vouch for this Mooney being the best buy on the market today! The paint is smooth thanks to applying nano-polish and without any damage. The inside looks professional with great avionics and the panel looks as if it's new. This is because the owner does not allow to touch the glass with fingers because the acids in fingerprints will harm the glass. Now you can profit from his care for this magnificent bird. She only has about 550 (Hobbs) hours too.


This TLS Bravo is Mooney's most wanted single engine piston airplane. It carries the Textron Lycoming 540 engine with turbo and rated at 270HP. The cylinder heads are oil cooled to prevent early top-overhauls.

Will this be your future cockpit?

Well organized classic "six-pack" for solid IMC flying assisted by the excellent GNS530 moving map system with terrain awareness.


This Mooney can be used for VFR flights of course, but it really is one of the best single engine IFR platforms around. Equiped with a modern Garmin GNS530 you can load your flight plan and even select the correct IFR departure or arrival to be displayed on it's moving map that also displays terrain.

Because this Mooney is so fast you need the build-in speed brakes to get down. If you want to know how this aircraft performs, read about it in this excellent article by Trey Hughes.

High and fast


Take this bird up to the flight levels. Fast climbing thanks the turbo and certified up to FL250 (25,000 feet). Here you can enjoy a pleasant flight above the usual turbulence of the lower altitudes.

This brings you not only comfort, but also a higher airspeed while consuming less fuel. The aircraft has oxygen installed and is equiped with TKS (Weeping wings including the leading edges of the tail and also the propeller and left windshield).

Inquire for current asking price

The aircraft is being sold by a company. If you buy from outside Europe's EU-region then no VAT has to be paid. If your company is located in the EU-region then you can buy against 0% VAT rate. If you buy as a private person inside the EU-region you have to pay 21% VAT. Contact me for the details.

Shares may be available

If we can find two or three parties that are interested in buying a share in this aircraft, the current owner would like to hold one share and keep using the aircraft. In this setting the aircraft must be based within about a hour drive from Antwerp. Please contact me for the details.

More pictures of details


United states prices! You have to read this!

We have noticed that there are many people who compare the asking prices of General Aviation aircraft that are advertised in US dollars ($) to the prices of the aircraft for sale in Europe. Unfortunately they easily forget to add all the extra costs that are involved in getting the aircraft from the United States (and N-register) to Europe.

There are many extra costs involved, like getting an export license, ferrying the aircraft, the extra insurance for the ferry and the VAT to be paid in Europe.

But there is also the fact that the European rules on maintenance are much more strict than they are in the United States or Canada. Even when an aircraft is very young, it will still be possible that costs have to be made to get the aircraft up to European maintenance requirements.

Then there is the IFR situation. If you want an IFR certified aircraft, you have to know that the presence of a DME, ADF, mode S transponder and a 406MHz GPS equiped ELT are mandatory in Europe! In almost all cases this required equipment is not present in aircraft from the other side of the ocean. Mode S transponders are usually only present in aircraft build from 2004 onwards.

Depending on the particular aircraft you have in mind, these costs can easily amount from 15 to 25 thousand euro's and even more!

We just want you to know, so that you do not compare apples and oranges!

Offered by

Airvan BV
Kromme Haagdijk 68
5706 LN Helmond

Chamber of Commerce: 17192974
Tel: +31 619 792 107

Cabin for four

Comfortable cabin for pilot and passengers with plenty of bagage space in the back.

Mooney M20M Bravo cabin

Passengers can communicate with the build in 4-place voice-activated Intercom which has the ability to isolate the pilot or crew from the passengers during busy approaches. You can also connect a music source to it (iPod). To further make the journey a pleasant one, each passenger has a reading-light, oxygen supply and can adjust their own fresh-air blower.

Mooney M20M Bravo ceiling

550 hours

Hobbs hour meter

Total hours since new!


    The following list of equipment is included on this Mooney:
  • Symphony 468 Audio Panel
  • KT-73 Transponder Mode S Bendix/King
  • GTX-320 Standby Transponder Garmin
  • KR87 TSO ADF Bendix/King
  • KN64 DME Bendix/King
  • GNS530 NAV/COM/GPS with GS #1
  • KX155 NAV/COM with GS #2
  • KAP150 Autopilot Bendix/King
  • Electric Trim on pilotside
  • A/P Disconnect on pilot side
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Control Wheel Push-To-Talk Switch-Pilot/Copilot
  • Antennas:
  • Marker Beacon Antenna
  • Transponder Antenna
  • VHF/GPS Antenna (2)
  • NAV Antenna
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter External Antenna
  • Pitot System - Heated
  • Static System
  • Handheld Microphone
  • Alternate Static Source
3-blade McCauley propeller
A three-bladed McCauley propeller haules you through the air.

270 HP Engine

The Lycoming TIO-540-AF1B
6-cylinder fuel-injected engine with oil-cooled cylinder heads, rated at 270HP

Mooney M20M TLS Bravo engine