Mooney M20K 231 Turbo and full IFR!

The name Mooney is immediate associated with speed and quality. The perfect long-distance aircraft for the demanding pilot.

They say that a Mooney airplane compares to a Mercedes among the General Aviation aircraft and that is not without reason!

view from the right side

The design of the M20 is one of the most outstanding aviation achievements. The tail design directly stands out in a line of aircraft.

design M20

This odd tail is a very clever design indeed! It remains in the airflow at extreme attitudes and keeps effective at times you need it the most: in the landing configuration and when approaching a stall.

Contrary to what you would expect this tail does not slow the airplane down at all!


What is also unusual is that the entire tail hinges to enable trim changes. This way the tail always remains perfectly balanced in the airflow without generating the usual drag of a normal trim.

Unlike most modern aircraft, the fuselage has a moly steel space frame around the passenger compartment giving the occupants enhanced safety.

Another M20 flying by

With it's landing gear up the Mooney M20 is a beautiful appearance that breathes speed and agility!

Note: The picture you see here is not the PH-IMR

leftside Mooney M20K 231

The cockpit

cockpit Mooney M20K 231
cockpit panel left

The panel is compact and presents you with a complete IFR avionics package. All the important instruments in the familiar layout.

Directly under the artificial horizon you can see an electronic HSI that (when switched on) resembles a modern EFIS.

cockpit panel right

The right side of the cockpit panel holds the communication-, navigation- and engineinstruments. The entertainment center controls are placed there too.

The right side also holds an extra artificial horizon for the co-pilot.


travel in comfort

That the Mooney compares to a Mercedes amongst aircraft will not only be reserved to the pilots. The passengers also will travel in comfort. Good chairs and large windows.

The upholstery is original and in good shape but if you want it to look like a brandnew Mooney then checkout this refurbish package from the Mooney factory.

oxygen and intercom connections

This Mooney has built-in oxygen that allows you to travel above the weather.

In the picture you see the built-in connectors for the intercom and entertainment center. No loose wires in this airplane!

High performance

The Mooney is a high performance complex single with it's turbo, retractable gear and constant speed propeller. Build for travelling fast and high.

If you like this aircraft but do not have the experience to pilot it, then we can provide you with the neccesary training to build the skill's required. This training can be custom made to exactly suit your needs. We have a retired commercial pilot available for you who also qualifies as a flight instructor. He has more than 10.000 hours experience in complex high performance singles and twins and can provide you with the practical and theoretical knowledge that is needed to operate this beautifull and very powerfull Mooney.

right side Mooney M20K 231 with open door

United states prices! You have to read this!

We have noticed that there are many people who compare the asking prices of General Aviation aircraft that are advertised in US dollars ($) to the prices of the aircraft for sale in Europe. Unfortunately they easily forget to add all the extra costs that are involved in getting the aircraft from the United States (and N-register) to Europe.

There are many extra costs involved, like getting an export license, ferrying the aircraft, the extra insurance for the ferry and the VAT to be paid.

But there is also the fact that the European rules on maintenance are much more strict than they are in the United States or Canada. Even when an aircraft is very young, then it will be possible that costs have to be made to get the aircraft up to European maintenance requirements.

Then there is the IFR situation. If you want an IFR certified aircraft, you have to know that the presence of a DME, ADF and mode S transponder are mandatory in Europe! In almost all cases this equipment is not present in aircraft from the other side of the ocean. Mode S transponders are usually only present in aircraft build from 2004 onwards.

Depending on the particular aircraft you have in mind, these costs can easily amount to 15 to 25 thousand euro's!

We just want you to know, so that you do not compare apples and oranges!

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The picture below shows the aerodynamicly positioned strobe- and navigationlights.

strobe and navigationlights Mooney tail section de-icing

The leading edges of the wings (below) have tiny holes for the TKS fluid de-icing system.

de-icing for elevator



Build: 1984

Serial: 25-0817

Continental TSIO-360-LB(1) (210pk)

propeller McCauley constant speed

MTOW 1315 kg

  • Hot propeller en TKS wing de-icing
  • Speedbrakes
  • Factory oxygen system
  • Standby vacuum pump
  • Standby generator
Artificial horizon and HSI

Hours flown (Hobbs):

  • Airframe SNEW: 1265 hours
  • Engine SMOH: 1223 hours ('84)
  • propeller SPOH: 0 hours ('11)

Aircraft had a gear-up landing in 1984 at 42 hours SNEW. Engine completely overhauled and new crankshaft and propeller in 1984. Top overhaul performed at around 500 hours (1991). Magnetos Left and Right renewed 2007. Propeller and gouvernor overhauled in April 2011

landing gear

The robust retractable landing gear.


Below you see the left passenger chair

passenger chair Speedbrakes retracted

Above you see one of the speedbrakes retracted and below deployed.

Speedbrakes deployed

For more information about the Mooney M20 series? Read this article.

view from the front