1981 Cessna Skylane (182R)

This aircraft has been in service with the Dutch National Police (KLPD) from the beginning up until may of 2014 and used for special Police operations. There is no other Skylane that has been maintained so thoroughly and meticulously. Cessna's SID inspections are carried out.


The aircraft has accumulated 13,800+ hours but because it has been flown very regularly it performs like a dream.

The Skylane is Cessna's most wanted single engine piston airplane. It carries the Continental O-470-U engine that is one of the strongest, most reliable six cylinder engines in General Aviation. This engine delivers a maximum of 230BHP at only 2400rpm in continuous operation!. Due to the low RPM it is much more quiet then other models that need higher RPM figures.

Professional cockpit

Look at this cockpit. Very organised and perfect for IFR operations.

cockpit cockpit cockpit

High and fast


Take this bird up to altitudes between 6,000 and 9,000 feet and you will see why flying a Skylane can be very economic too. This aircraft brings you and your passengers to a safe and comfort altitude quickly. Here you can enjoy a pleasant flight above the usual turbulence of the lower altitudes.

This brings you not only comfort, but also a higher airspeed while consuming less fuel.

Each wing can carry 43 USG AvGas which allows to take off with a total of 92 USG (348 liters) giving you an endurance of 6 hours or more if you fligh fuel efficient.


Asking 75,000 € no VAT applicable

The seller is a private person and motivated to sell. There is no VAT to be paid.

Compared to most other used aircraft on the market, this one is flown very regularly by professional pilots. It is maintained by the Dutch National Police themselves and no costs are avoided to keep this aircraft in a perfect condition. It is EASA compliant with Mode S transponder and a GPS based 406MHz ELT.

United states prices! You have to read this!

We have noticed that there are many people who compare the asking prices of General Aviation aircraft that are advertised in US dollars ($) to the prices of the aircraft for sale in Europe. Unfortunately they easily forget to add all the extra costs that are involved in getting the aircraft from the United States (and N-register) to Europe.

There are many extra costs involved, like getting an export license, ferrying the aircraft, the extra insurance for the ferry and the VAT to be paid.

But there is also the fact that the European rules on maintenance are much more strict than they are in the United States or Canada. Even when an aircraft is very young, it will still be possible that costs have to be made to get the aircraft up to European maintenance requirements.

Then there is the IFR situation. If you want an IFR certified aircraft, you have to know that the presence of a DME, ADF, mode S transponder and a 406MHz GPS equiped ELT are mandatory in Europe! In almost all cases this required equipment is not present in aircraft from the other side of the ocean. Mode S transponders are usually only present in aircraft build from 2004 onwards.

Depending on the particular aircraft you have in mind, these costs can easily amount from 15 to 25 thousand euro's and even more!

We just want you to know, so that you do not compare apples and oranges!

Offered by

Airvan BV
Kromme Haagdijk 68
5706 LN Helmond

Chamber of Commerce: 17192974
Tel: +31 6 1979 2107

Spacious cockpit

avionics stack

Becker Airscout

  • DU-519 Monitor
  • CU-519 control unit
  • MU-519 computer
  • EIV-72BG junction box
AS 3100 Intercom (2x), one of them is situated overhead to the rear seat passengers.


    The following list of equipment is included on this Skylane:
  • KMA-24 Audio Panel with Marker Beacon/Intercom
  • KT-73 Transponder-Mode S
  • KI-525A HSI coupled to Nav #1
  • KI-204 VOR/LOC/GS coupled to Nav #2
  • KY-196A TSO VHF COMM Transceiver #1
  • KY-196A TSO VHF COMM Transceiver #2
  • KN-53 TSO NAV Receiver with GS #1
  • KN-53 TSO NAV Receiver with GS #2
  • KR-87 TSO ADF Receiver coupled to KI-229
  • DME KN63 Integrated Control (Displayed on KDI-572)
  • Kannad 406 Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • ELT Remote Mounted Switch
  • Control Wheel Push-To-Talk Switch-Pilot/Copilot
  • Mic & Phone Jacks - Pilot/Copilot/Passengers
  • Antennas:
  • Marker Beacon Antenna
  • Transponder Antenna
  • VHF Antenna (2)
  • NAV Antenna
  • ELT External Antenna
  • Pitot System - Heated
  • Static System
  • Handheld Microphone
  • Alternate Static Source
  • Openable Windows on both sides, the right side has a latch to keep it fully open in flight for taking pictures

Summery info

Cessna Skylane
Manufactured: 1981
Model: 182R Skylane
Serial: 18267808
TSN: 13750 hours
Max.Takeoff mass: 1406 Kg
Noise Standard: ICAO Annex 16 Chptr 6

McCauley propeller

Model: C2A34C204C - 90DCB-8
Serial: 805379
TSN: 10217 hours
TSO: 346 hours

230 HP Engine

The Continental O-470-U
6-cylinder carburated engine, rated at 230HP

Manufactured: Sept.2005
TSFR: 1505 hours (2000 TBO)
Model: O-470-U (17)
Serial: 827729-R