SOLD Cessna Turbo Skylane (T182T)

This aircraft is a real beauty. A 2001 Turbo Skylane (s/n 8024) that is always hangared and perfectly maintained by private owner.


She only has 200 (tacho) hours on engine, propeller and airframe. Of course this is very little but the plane has been flown regularly during it's short lifetime. Since July 2006 she flies between 5 and 10 hours per month. The engine runs smooth and oil consumption is very low (about a litre each 15 hours).

The Turbo Skylane is Cessna's most wanted single engine piston airplane. It carries the Textron Lycoming 540 engine that is the strongest, most reliable six cylinder engine in General Aviation. This engine can deliver 350HP, but in the Skylane it is derated to 235HP. This is tremendous power for the 4-place Cessna, but for the engine it is no effort at all.

Will this be your future cockpit?

Look at the awesome list of avionics in the right pane. This cockpit is really loaded but still very organized.


Of course, you can also fly this machine by the seat of your pants. But believe me, if you can fly a modern Skylane for a cross country trip, you can imagine yourself flying an airliner. With your flight plan loaded into one of the 25 memory positions of the excellent KLN94, you can select the autopilot directly after leaving the ground. Having it preselected to the requested altitude, the Skylane will level off and maintain that altitude automatically.

You can select instrument approaches and the KAP140 will automatically intercept ILS and keep you on the glideslope. The only thing you have to do is adjust the power settings and at about 100' AGL switch off the autopilot and land the plane. This is single pilot IFR flying without any stress.

High and fast


Because of it's turbo, this aircraft brings you and your passengers to a safe and comfort altitude quickly. Here you can enjoy a pleasant flight above the turbulence of the lower altitudes.

This brings you not only comfort, but also a higher airspeed while consuming less fuel.

And if you need to, you can also climb quickly (1,000 ft/min) up to the certified altitude of 20,000 feet! Do not bother with oxygen bottles; this aircraft is equiped with a factory build-in 4-place oxygen system.

United states prices! You have to read this!

We have noticed that there are many people who compare the asking prices of General Aviation aircraft that are advertised in US dollars ($) to the prices of the aircraft for sale in Europe. Unfortunately they easily forget to add all the extra costs that are involved in getting the aircraft from the United States (and N-register) to Europe.

There are many extra costs involved, like getting an export license, ferrying the aircraft, the extra insurance for the ferry and the VAT to be paid.

But there is also the fact that the European rules on maintenance are much more strict than they are in the United States or Canada. Even when an aircraft is very young, then it will be possible that costs have to be made to get the aircraft up to European maintenance requirements.

Then there is the IFR situation. If you want an IFR certified aircraft, you have to know that the presence of a DME, ADF and mode S transponder are mandatory in Europe! In almost all cases this equipment is not present in aircraft from the other side of the ocean. Mode S transponders are usually only present in aircraft build from 2004 onwards.

Depending on the particular aircraft you have in mind, these costs can easily amount to 15 to 25 thousand euro's!

We just want you to know, so that you do not compare apples and oranges!

Offered by

Airvan BV
Kromme Haagdijk 68
5706 LN Helmond

Chamber of Commerce: 17192974
Fax: +31 847 503 738
Tel: +31 6 1979 2107

Leather seats

Lots of space for pilot and co-pilot (see dimension specifications), tinted glass and Rosen visors.


Passengers also have a lot of space and communicating is made pleasant with the build in 4-place Voice-Activated Intercom (KMA 28 Audio Panel)



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  • KMD 550 Multifunction Display
  • WX 500 Weather Mapping Sensor (Stormscope)
  • KLN 94 Color Moving Map GPS
  • Dual KX 155A Nav/Com with Glideslope
  • KT 76C Mode C Transponder
  • KAP 140 Two Axis Autopilot with Altitude Preselect
  • KCS 55A Bendix/King HSI
  • KI 209A VOR/LOC/GS Indicator with GPS Interface
  • European IFR required DME & ADF installed
  • MD41-233 GPS-NAV/HSI Selector/Annunciator
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter
A three-bladed McCauley (heated) propeller haules you through the air and it has just been overhauled (May 2007).

235 HP Engine

The Lycoming TIO-540-AK1A
6-cylinder engine, rated at 235HP, looks brandnew