General Aviation Aircraft for sale. Airvan advertizes and sells your airplane by providing honest and clear information to prospective buyers and addressing the need for detailed information.

Airvan can be your partner in buying or selling your aircraft or in setting up and managing shared ownership constructions.

For these activities we let our knowledge and experience work for your purposes. We work based on mutual trust and clear agreements.

You are looking for an airplane

Here we present aircraft that are for sale by their current owners or by us. You can tell from the contact information if the seller is the current owner or that we sell the airplane. If the seller is the owner, then we only present the information from the owner. In that case you must see us as a means to advertise the aircraft. Nothing more and nothing less.

You are selling an airplane

Let us tell you why you should advertise on our website.
Firstly we give you an entire webpage for your airplane. It must contain at least two pictures (preferable more) and at least the important technical information. The extra text you supply is up to you, but of course we do not place false or irrelevant information.

Normally you should supply us with good digital pictures of your airplane, but in some cases (depends on distance from our offices) we can take care for that too. Of course you will have to pay for that extra work. Please contact us for a quote.

To increase the 'visibility' of your aircraft on the internet, we also use and possibly advertise on Planecheck, GA Buyer Europe and Aeromarkt

See the extra information on the sidebar here for our rates.

Company info

Airvan BV

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Tel: +31 6 1979 2107

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