Socata TB9 Must sell!

Attention! New engine and constant speed propeller!
No worries about unexpected and high maintenance costs!

view from the left

This airplane is build in 1980 and is in a perfect technical state. It is been maintained by Martinair at the Lelystad airport who is specialized in the maintenance of the Socata TB aircraft, because of their own fleet of TB10 and TB20 models.

This is a unique TB9. Only a small number of TB9 aircraft are build with the constant speed propeller option. This airplane is one of them and that means that the 160hp Lycoming engine can deliver a far more better performance compared to the standard TB9 with the fixed pitch propeller. The trustworthy Lycoming engine is also a economical engine: it uses only about 8 gallons AvGas per hour.


If you are used to flying fixed pitch propeller aircraft, then you are in for a surprise as the extra power of the takeoff kicks in. With the constant speed propeller you can always operate at it's best efficiency in every phase of your flight. The propeller has been overhauled in December 2005 and since then has operated for only 225 hours.

The Lycoming O-320 is "factory rebuild" in December 2006. Rebuild means that it has been overhauled using new parts from the original Lycoming factory. This "new" engine ran for only 150 hours since!. The time between overhauls (TBO) for this engine is 2000 hours. Because engine and propeller are very recently overhauled you can fly for many many years without worrying about technical problems or expenses!

flight through the Alps

The TB aircraft are known for their good flying characteristics and they are perfect for travelling. At a economical cruise speed of 105 knots you can fly for six hours and land with 45 minutes reserve thanks to it's long range tanks. But probably your blatter will not have this endurance...

This aircraft brings fantastic international trips within your reach! At the right a picture of a recent flight through the Alps.

The cockpit

enlarge left console enlarge middle console enlarge right console
left console
middle console
right console

All the neccesary instruments for VFR flights are present, not many extra's but this keeps the maintenance costs low.

The leftside of the panel from left to right and top to bottom: airspeed, artificial horizon, altimeter, VOR, turn- and slip, gyro compass, vertical speed, 2nd altimeter (nice to keep an eye on the real altitude when flying flight levels) and suction meter. The middle console from top to bottom: engine instruments, radio, transponder, inside and outside thermometer and the ELT panel.

New Garmin GTX328 mode S transponder

The transponder has recently been replaced by a new Garmin mode S model (GTX328) like you see in the picture to the left.

The right side of the panel from left to right: RPM, manifold pressure, EGT (exhaust gas temperature) and the inlettemperature.

flight through the Alps

The view from the airplane is fantastic for the perception of your international flights.



The TB model aircraft are also known for their spacy interior. A few years ago the front seats have been replaced by more comfortable ones, but the rest of the interior of this aircraft is original but still looks very nice.

The current owners only used the aircraft for themselves. It was not hired out by them.

Offered by

Airvan BV
Kromme Haagdijk 68
5706 LN Helmond

KvK Eindhoven: 17192974
Fax: +3184 750 37 38
Tel: +316 1979 2107

The gullwing doors give you all the space you need to board the airplane.

gullwing doors


  • KY-97A COM
  • Nav-121 Narco VOR
  • GTX 328 Garmin Mode S Transponder
  • Two alitimeters
  • ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter (VHF/UHF)
  • 4-place intercom
middle console


Year: 1980

S/N: 125

Lycoming O-320-D1A (160hp)

propeller Hartzell constant speed HC-C2YL-1

Long range tanks 56 gallons (using 8 gallons/hour


Hours flown:

Airframe SNEW: 4730

Engine SMOH: 150

propeller SPOH: 225

leftside view

Well maintained by Martinair on Lelystad airport.

right side view

leftside view

rightside view