2000 Velocity 173 RG

Finished building in 2000 by an experienced builder and also an high-experience, professional General Aviation pilot (several ATPL's with IR/ME/FI and 10,000+ hours PIC), this beauty has only flown approximately bout 300 hours total.

It has incredible pitch and roll stability, a solid feel on the controls and flies as a "two-finger" airplane.

The Velocity also has a remarkable large cabin. With 42" shoulder to shoulder, the Velocity is, in fact, larger than most general aviation aircraft, including most twins. In fact it is one of the world's most spacious and practical single engine aircraft! The pilot/co-pilot height is 42.5" so also well suited for taller pilots. The total length of the cockpit is 84".


The Velocity is a true high performance airplane with the ability to make 1000 nautical mile cross country trips (range at 65% Pwr and at FL75) at speeds up to 180+ KTS TAS (75% Pwr and at FL65), while carrying four people and some baggage in total comfort. With the rear mounted engine, the noise, propeller turbulence, engine heat and fumes are behind you, providing an atmosphere comparable to a modern sports sedan. An adequate supply of cool fresh air is available through forward inlets; this air can also be heated by the forward mounted oil cooler.


Using modern day airfoil technology, clean cabin lines, and non-complex systems, the Velocity exceeds all other aircraft in its class in efficiency, performance, and simplicity. This Velocity has a maximum practical service ceiling of approximately 15,000 feet (FL150) with reduced weight. Because of the absence of a turbo you get the best performance between 5,000 feet (FL50) and 8,000 feet (FL80) which is also the best environment for comfort and optimal efficient operation.


Ron Grable from "Plane & Pilot wrote: "... The Velocity is certainly one of the most attractive four-seaters in the air today. Taxiing up to any ramp will guarantee you as the center of attention."



Piloting chores can be shared by both pilots (or just use the autopilot), and the Velocity's incredible stability and spacious instrument panel make it an excellent IFR platform. With extremely crisp controls and excellent aerodynamic stability, the Velocity has been described as if it was mounted on rails, allowing you to fly long distances with a minimal pilot load, yet it will dogfight with the best of the two seat sport planes (but you can carry 4 persons!!).


Once on the ground, the Velocity is as sure-footed as a cat, with its full-castering nosewheel, 100" wheelbase, 80" track, and oversize wheels and brakes.

Price negotiable

This beautifull aircraft is available for far less than half the costs to build it. And that is not including the more than 3.000 hours of specialized labour needed over a 4 years building time.

For extra information or to make an appointment to visit and see/fly the aircraft, you can contact the owner by e-mail

Extra photographs flying

These photographs are made before the special high performance low-noise MT propeller was mounted.

You can see that from the white color and shape of the old spinner. This spinner has been replaced by a special, low resistance, pusher-shape model from MT.

The tinted windows keep the cockpit cool in summer and at the same time allow you to enjoy the scenery without having to wear sunglasses.

The Velocity is rock-steady in flight.

On first sight, you could mistaken it for a small jet.

Flying a Velocity could be compared to driving a Ferrari. Not only because her speed, but especially because how she looks!

People are watching. Always! But you only notice that on the airfield of course.

The picture below was taken at the exact same moment the strobe-light flashed.

This created the little star below her belly and giving the picture a nice touch.

Offered by


With the landing gear retracted, this Velocity looks fast, futuristic and beautifull at every angle.


Because it is equiped with a Lycoming IO-360-C1E6 200HP 4-cylinder engine (the same engine as used on the Piper Seneca PA-34-200) this Velocity gives you the performance as listed below (source: Velocity Aircraft, corrected by the builder for more realistic and correct performance figures).

  • Takeoff distance approx.750 meter on paved runway (MTOW with 10/15 kts headwind component)
  • Rate of climb approx.1000 fpm at Vy (110 kts IAS)
  • Landing distance approx.700 meter on paved runway (MTOW with 10/15 kts headwind component)
  • High Cruise speed 180+ kts TAS (75% Pwr at FL65)
  • Vne 210 kts IAS
  • Max.Range approx.1,000 NM (No wind:65% Pwr at FL75)
  • Stall speed approx.80 kts IAS (depending on weight)
  • Approach speed 95/100 kts IAS (V-stall plus 15/20 kts)
  • Final speed 90/95 kts IAS (V-stall plus 10/15 kts)
  • Threshold speed 85/90 kts IAS (V-stall plus 5/10 kts)

The MT high performance Straubing™ propeller delivers more thrust at lower noise levels and in total comfort because it is behind you!

The very special designed stainless steel exhaust system is reducing the engine noise by more than 70%. Therefore it has a special noise statement which is compulsory in most European countries due to the recent new noise abatement regulations.


Terra Avionics Package consisting of and including:

  • Com 2x Terra-TX-760D
  • Nav 2x Terra-TN-200D one with Glideslope Receiver
  • ADF Terra-TDF-100D
  • First Transponder Terra-TR-250D with AT3000 Altitude Digitizer Blind Encoding Altimeter
  • Second Transponder: certified modern "mode-S" transponder recently build in (not in picture)
  • Century dual axis Autopilot
  • Fuel computer
  • Trimble TNL 1000 GPS (Free Flight Systems)
  • King KMA-24 Audio Panel
  • PM2000 4-place intercom

The Terra components are currently sold by Trimble.


Build in intercom with three modes at a flip of the switch: Pilot isolate (ISO), crew isolate (front seats separate from back), and all, so that the entire aircraft may communicate together.


Taken from the Velocity Aircraft website

  • Overall length 19'
  • Height 7' 9"
  • Wheel base 100"
  • Track width 80"
  • Wingspan 29' 4"
  • Canard span 164"
  • Main wing area 102 Sq Ft
  • Canard wing area 19.8 Sq Ft
  • Total wing area 121.8 Sq Ft
  • Empty weight 650 kg
  • Max.Ramp.Weight 1100 kg
  • Usefull load 450 kg
  • Fuel Qty 285 litre (usable)
  • Wing loading at gross 18.88 lb/sq ft
  • Design load factors +12/-7 G-load
  • Tested airframe load +6/-3 G-load
  • Cabin W/L/H 42" x 84" x 42.5"
  • Seating 2 + 2 leather seats

In the air

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"Air-Brake" out for steeper descent during the final approach or for slow(er) flights and also reduces the landing-roll (ASD)

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On the ground

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Your "key" to great efficiency, high performance and to the most futuristic sports-aircraft now available on the market.

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High efficiency "wing-lets", with "rudder" function reduce wing drag dramatically. The two rudders can also be used in the landing roll as extra air-brakes (ASD)