Cessna R172K Hawk XP

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Attention! This is not a 'normal' 172. This is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Red colthing to be exact! Like the Ferrari. Why? Because this airplane has a 6-cylinder Continental engine under it's cowling that delivers 195 horsepower!

This very reliable engine has a displacement of 360 cubic inches. Fuel AvGas and consumes about 30 litres/hour (8 gallons).

Specific information on this type can also be found at WikiPedia.

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If you are used to a normal Cessna 172 or maybe a Cessna 150/152, then you will have to upgrade your skills to handling a constant speed propeller. This variable pitch/constant speed propeller gives you the optimum efficiency for takeoff as well as cruising. The Continental is a direct fuel injected type (IO-360) and has no carburator. This saves you automatically for the feared carburator icing.

The cockpit

Below you see a picture of the instrument panel. The big white spots on the right are scotch taped papers with cruise management and conversion tables, but these can be removed easely.


Good and complete.

The leftside of the panel, from left to right and from top to bottom: clock, airspeed, artificial horizon, altimeter, VOR/ILS, suction, fuel gages, turn- and slip, gyro compass, vertical speed, 2nd VOR, motorinstruments, manifold pressure, fuel flow, RPM and ADF.

The avionics stack entails from top to bottom: audio panel, GPS, COM/NAV set, 2nd COM/NAV set, DME, ADF and transponder.

The rightside of the panel has an EGT (exhaust gas temperature), a Hobbs hours counter and also a second altimeter (comes in handy when on flight levels but also want to see the real altitude).


In the picture next to this text, you see the middle console with the familiar Cessna trim wheel and microphone. Between the trim and microphone you can see the little panel of the buildin Sigmatronics intercom installation. Right to the microphone you see the handle for the cowl flaps, normally only seen on aircraft with a big engine.


Offered by

Airvan BV
Kromme Haagdijk 68
5706 LN Helmond

KvK Eindhoven: 17192974
Fax: +31 847 503 738
Tel: +31 6 1979 2107


The interior is original and in good shape.


This aircraft is only used by private owners.

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Year: 1977

S/N: R1722578

In Europe since 1989

left side


Airframe SNEW: 3050 (1977)

Engine SMOH: 1160 (1989)

propeller SMOH: 350 (11-1996)

Since Painted: 330 (4-1997)

Since replacement of crankcase and crankshaft: 200 (11-2000)


Well maintained. No corrosion or paint damage.

Foreign buyers can keep the Dutch registration if they wish. You need a JAA (PPL/CPL) license, to fly foreign registered aircraft.